Time Spent:

890 Hours


DROMIO OF EPHESUS, First Citizen, All, Second Citizen, MENENIUS, MARCIUS, Messenger, First Senator, COMINIUS, TITUS, SICINIUS, BRUTUS, AUFIDIUS, Second Senator, VOLUMNIA, VIRGILIA, Gentlewoman, VALERIA, LARTIUS, First Soldier, Second Soldier, First Roman, Second Roman, Third Roman, Lieutenant, CORIOLANUS, Both, Herald, First Officer, Second Officer, Senators, Third Citizen, Fourth Citizen, Fifth Citizen, Both Citizens, Sixth Citizen, Seventh Citizen, All Citizens, AEdile, A Patrician, Second Patrician, Both Tribunes, Volsce, First Servingman, Second Servingman, Third Servingman, Second Messenger, Young MARCIUS, First Conspirator, Second Conspirator, Third Conspirator, All The Lords, First Lord, All Conspirators, All The People, Second Lord, Third Lord


  • ACT I SCENE I. Rome. A street. Enter a company of mutinous Citizens, with staves, clubs, and other weapons Before we proceed any further, hear me speak. Speak, speak. You are all resolved rather to die than to famish? Resolved. resolved. First, you know Caius Marcius is chief enemy to the people. We know't, we know't. Let us kill him, and we'll have corn at our own price. Is't a verdict? No more talking on't, let it be done: away, away! One word, good citizens. We are accounted poor citizens, the patricians good. What authority surfeits on would relieve us: if they would yield us but the superfluity, while it were wholesome, we might guess they relieved us humanely, but they think we are too dear: the leanness that afflicts us, the object of our misery, is as an inventory to particularise their abundance, our sufferance is a gain to them Let us revenge this with our pikes, ere we become rakes: for the gods know I speak this in hunger for bread, not in thirst for revenge. Would you proceed especially against Caius Marcius?


Shakespeare, Play, Poetry

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