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361 Hours


AUFIDIUS, First Gentleman, Second Gentleman, QUEEN, POSTHUMUS LEONATUS, IMOGEN, CYMBELINE, PISANIO, First Lord, CLOTEN, Second Lord, Lady, IACHIMO, PHILARIO, Frenchman, First Lady, CORNELIUS, Messenger, CAIUS LUCIUS, Lords, BELARIUS, GUIDERIUS, ARVIRAGUS, Attendant, First Senator, First Tribune, Second Senator, Captain, Soothsayer, First Captain, Second Captain, First Gaoler, Second Gaoler, Sicilius Leonatus, Mother, First Brother, Second Brother, Jupiter, All, Posthumus Leonatus


  • ACT I SCENE I. Britain. The garden of Cymbeline's palace. Enter two Gentlemen You do not meet a man but frowns: our bloods No more obey the heavens than our courtiers Still seem as does the king. But what's the matter? His daughter, and the heir of's kingdom, whom He purposed to his wife's sole son--a widow That late he married--hath referr'd herself Unto a poor but worthy gentleman: she's wedded, Her husband banish'd, she imprison'd: all Is outward sorrow, though I think the king Be touch'd at very heart. None but the king? He that hath lost her too, so is the queen, That most desired the match, but not a courtier, Although they wear their faces to the bent Of the king's look's, hath a heart that is not Glad at the thing they scowl at. And why so? He that hath miss'd the princess is a thing Too bad for bad report: and he that hath her-- I mean, that married her, alack, good man! And therefore banish'd--is a creature such As, to seek through the regions of the earth For one his like, there would be something failing


Shakespeare, Play, Poetry

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