Timon of Athens

Time Spent:

952 Hours


PROSPERO, Poet, Painter, Merchant, Jeweller, TIMON, Messenger, Old Athenian, LUCILIUS, APEMANTUS, ALCIBIADES, First Lord, Second Lord, VENTIDIUS, Third Lord, Servant, Cupid, First Lady, All Ladies, FLAVIUS, Second Servant, Third Servant, All Lords, Senator, CAPHIS, All Servants, Fool, Page, FLAMINIUS, LUCULLUS, First Stranger, Second Stranger, SERVILIUS, Third Stranger, SEMPRONIUS, First Servant, TITUS, HORTENSIUS, PHILOTUS, First Senator, Second Senator, Third Senator, Some Speak, Some Others, Fourth Lord, PHRYNIA, TIMANDRA, First Bandit, Second Bandit, Third Bandit, Banditti, Both, Soldier


  • ACT I SCENE I. Athens. A hall in Timon's house. Enter Poet, Painter, Jeweller, Merchant, and others, at several doors Good day, sir. I am glad you're well. I have not seen you long: how goes the world? It wears, sir, as it grows. Ay, that's well known: But what particular rarity? what strange, Which manifold record not matches? See, Magic of bounty! all these spirits thy power Hath conjured to attend. I know the merchant. I know them both, th' other's a jeweller. O, 'tis a worthy lord. Nay, that's most fix'd. A most incomparable man, breathed, as it were, To an untirable and continuate goodness: He passes. Jeweller: I have a jewel here-- O, pray, let's see't: for the Lord Timon, sir? Jeweller: If he will touch the estimate: but, for that-- [Reciting to himself] 'When we for recompense have praised the vile, It stains the glory in that happy verse Which aptly sings the good.' 'Tis a good form. Looking at the jewel And rich: here is a water, look ye. You are rapt, sir, in some work, some dedication


Shakespeare, Play, Poetry

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