Henry VI Part 2

Time Spent:

403 Hours


SUFFOLK, KING HENRY VI, QUEEN MARGARET, ALL, GLOUCESTER, CARDINAL, SALISBURY, WARWICK, YORK, BUCKINGHAM, SOMERSET, DUCHESS, Messenger, HUME, First Petitioner, Second Petitioner, PETER, HORNER, BOLINGBROKE, Spirit, MARGARET JOURDAIN, Townsman, SIMPCOX, Wife, Mayor, Beadle, BOTH, First Neighbour, Second Neighbour, Third Neighbour, Servants, Herald, Sheriff, STANLEY, Post, First Murderer, Second Murderer, Commons, VAUX, Captain, First Gentleman, Master, Second Gentleman, WHITMORE, BEVIS, HOLLAND, CADE, DICK, SMITH, Clerk, CLERK, MICHAEL, SIR HUMPHREY, WILLIAM STAFFORD, SAY, SCALES, First Citizen, Soldier, CLIFFORD, IDEN, EDWARD, RICHARD, YOUNG CLIFFORD


  • ACT I SCENE I. London. The palace. Flourish of trumpets: then hautboys. Enter KING HENRY VI, GLOUCESTER, SALISBURY, WARWICK, and CARDINAL, on the one side, QUEEN MARGARET, SUFFOLK, YORK, SOMERSET, and BUCKINGHAM, on the other As by your high imperial majesty I had in charge at my depart for France, As procurator to your excellence, To marry Princess Margaret for your grace, So, in the famous ancient city, Tours, In presence of the Kings of France and Sicil, The Dukes of Orleans, Calaber, Bretagne and Alencon, Seven earls, twelve barons and twenty reverend bishops, I have perform'd my task and was espoused: And humbly now upon my bended knee, In sight of England and her lordly peers, Deliver up my title in the queen To your most gracious hands, that are the substance Of that great shadow I did represent, The happiest gift that ever marquess gave, The fairest queen that ever king received. Suffolk, arise. Welcome, Queen Margaret: I can express no kinder sign of love Than this kind kiss. O Lord, that lends me life,


Shakespeare, Play, Poetry

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